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May 14th, 2010

Its been a while since ive posted anything on here. I’ve been busy with music and school coming to an end. My band and I just finished setting up all of the recording equipment in our studio including soldering our own cables.

We’re playing tonight in Hollywood for FREE. Heres the flier. I’ll post more later today.

New show added.

My band is playing at a warehouse in Lakewood, CA with some other friends. I threw together a not so serious flier but the infoz all there. Come check it out.

New edit

Matt threw together a new edit, check it out!!

Trick night 4/09/2010

Went out to the weekly trick night at bixby park in Long Beach. It was my first time using an external flash along with the flash mounted on my camera. Some shots came out rad, they weren’t over all as crisp and clear as I wanted but thats all on me. Ive gotta say its more difficult than I expected, I definitely had no idea where to set up the flash and I really need to take a photo class!

Weekend Hike

I went hiking with Matt Spencer, Corey San Agustin, Senay Kenfe and Ryan Vega this last weekend in the San Gabriels right under Mt. Wilson. I havent been hiking in years so it was nice going with good friends. After hiking we went to Jims Burgers in Pico Rivera to grab some food. Matt and Corey split the large DUI dish and I had the small. Took some pictures, check them out! (click to enlarge)


E.P. Release

My band, Drums and Color, are having our E.P. release show part 1 at La Cave in Costa Mesa on April 20th with our brother band Moonshine and the drugs. The second release show will be at a mystery warehouse that Saturday the 24th for those who cant make it to La Cave cus they arent 21. Time and place TBA.